Social issue-based documentary films are some of the most powerful and emotionally persuasive parts of the media. They are non-fictional motion pictures designed to document reality, so a viewer can be better informed, educated, or enlightened about a subject they had little to no prior knowledge about. They are true accounts of specific stories that are unwritten and are becoming one of the most widely consumed.

The Social issue-based documentary films are about stories that need to be told. They are not advertisements; they are opportunities to tell rich and sincere stories that the audience can engage with on a profound level. The documentary helps to inform, entertain, impress and foster an authentic relationship with customers.

There is no value to you unless we can create evocative and resonating stories that are deeply connected to your viewers. We’re documentaries in our hearts, and we’re going to take impactful stories with integrity. We appreciate having your story confidence us and we take that very seriously.

The listener should sense empathy and have a strong understanding of the messages you are trying to make them understand. That is our responsibility. We create content that connects with your viewers at a deeper level, so you can have a more rewarding and productive relationship. We want you to be connected to the viewer in a way bigger than empty promises and meaningless scripting.

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