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With 100+ films we have travelled in India and abroad and have an in-house team that delivers world-class videos.

"Sunil Kupperi's films are intimate and inspiring and connect well with viewers. This is not surprising since his humble and affable ways put his subjects at ease and evoke the best out of them. Compassion and concern underlie the films that he makes."

- Siddhartha, Fireflies, Bangalore

"Mystic Canvas is, without doubt, one of the best video production houses.. They have a relentless, fearless and talented crew that lets absolutely nothing stand in the way of putting the best possible product on the screen."

- Blue Waters Wellness Centre, Mysore

"Wonderfully talented crew with fun energy that makes it such a pleasure to work with them."

- Doreka, India

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We ‘re making incredibly diverse and captivating videos that do everything our clients need to do. Mystic helps to build a better future by innovative ways of engaging the audience and being an important part of the process all the way from idea to customer. We ‘re a nimble video production company helps brands and companies push the world forward.

Vision and Mission

Vision: Mystic Canvas, is a multi-media production house Produce creative corporate films and videos by transforming ideas and strategies into the visuals to the audiences and targeted customers intellectually.

Mission: We create influential motion films and videos for the world’s most idolized corporate companies. Moreover, engages the community and expands the appreciation of independent cinema.


ARTIST-RUN: Promoting artistic achievement and excellence
DIVERSITY: Reflective of our community
FILM: Encouraging the use and recognition of film as a creative medium, alongside promoting research in digital approaches
INDEPENDENCE: Provide a medium for expression to a wide variety of viewpoints and approaches, embracing the filmmaker as a creative producer.
INNOVATION: Promoting imagination and new ways and concepts

Mystic Canvas Shooting Crew
  1. Mystic-Canvas-Back-to-the-Sea
    Documentary film

    Back to the Sea

    A documentary film on livelihood regeneration in Tamil Nadu after the Tsunami for Sumanahalli Trust, Bangalore.

  2. Short film

    Life with dignity

    A short film for Action Aid Italy, on the problems and social stigma faced by the transgender community in India.

  3. Mystic Canvas Bihar Floods
    Short promotional photo film

    Bihar floods

    A web-based short promotional photo film for Action Aid, India.

  4. Documentary film

    A Tale of Two Coasts

    A documentary film for ActionAid, Washington that brings out the concerns and struggles of the survivors of two disasters – the Tsunami in South India (2004) and Hurricane Katrina (2005) in the gulf coast of USA.

  5. Mystic Canvas Resilient Women
    Documentary film

    Resilient Women

    A documentary film for Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) that explores the journey of women to rebuild their habitats and livelihoods in the five years post Tsunami in Cuddalore and Nagapattinam, two of the worst affected districts in Tamil Nadu.

  6. Mystic Canvas Rebuilding Dreams
    Documentary film

    Rebuilding Dreams

    A documentary film for CARE International in Rwanda on the savings and lending programs to empower economically vulnerable and marginalized women in Rwanda.

  7. Mystic Canvas Ring Seine Fishing Method

    Ring Seine Fishing Method

    Director of Photography for a film on the Ring Seine Fishing Method of the west coast of India.

  8. Mystic Canvas The Light
    Short film

    The Light

    A short film that explores an unknown sequence in the memoirs of the political history of one of the southern states in India during the 60s to 80’s.

  9. Mystic Canvas the Himalayan Earthquake
    Short film

    The Himalayan Earthquake

    A short film to appeal for funds to support humanitarian efforts in Nepal post the 2015 Earthquake for Bangalore Cares for Nepal.

  10. Mystic Canvas Sheltering Nepal

    Sheltering Nepal

    A film on the post-earthquake relief work done by Bangalore Cares for Nepal.

  11. Advertisement

    Kar Ma Cafe, Nepal

    An Ad that captures the innovative effort to transform coffee beyond just a drink!

  12. Mystic Canvas Herbarium


    A film on the renowned French artist Michel Granger’s first painting tour in India titled HERBARIUM.

  13. Mystic Canvas Doreka

    Doreka LED

    An Ad for an upcoming LED Light manufacturing unit located at Mandakata, Assam.

  14. Mystic Canvas Dialogues En Humanite

    Dialogues En Humanite

    A film capturing the annual gathering of thinkers, artists, activists, seekers and youth in Lyon – France to promote cultural exchange of ideas and create an enabling environment for world peace.

  15. DE CERO’S

    De Cero's Family Resto & Pub

    De Cero’s Family Resto & Pub. Marna-Siolim, Goa.

meet us

Mystic’s production team

Mystic Canvas brings together a team of professionals with varied skills, talents and experiences. It includes producers, directors, researchers, writers, musicians, editors, photographers, designers/animators and even ethnographers engaged, especially in visual anthropology.

Mystic Canvas Sunil Kupperi
Sunil Kupperi

CEO & Creative Director

Mystic Canvas Oamjie John
Oamjie John

Researcher/Script writer

Mystic Canvas Paul K
Paul. K .C

Music Director / Composer

Mystic Canvas Jobithlal


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