Short Films

A Short fiction film is an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, together with all credits. A short fiction film is a piece of fiction that classically can be delivered and focuses on a self-contained incident or sequences of associated incidents dedicated to inducing a certain consequence or mood. Short story filmmakers may express their works as part of the artistic and subjective articulation. The power of short fiction has been accepted in modern society with new viewing platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Vimeo Facebook etc. Sales of short- fiction films are very strong driven by collections from internationally acclaimed and new filmmakers. With the advancement of digital technology in filmmaking, the production cost has come down tremendously and easily accessible and affordable, which attracts new filmmakers to come forward and express their ideas. With more film festivals across the world being conducted with a significant focus being given to short fiction films and also festivals exclusively for short fiction films, more new filmmakers get the opportunity to showcase their works globally.

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