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About us

Mystic Canvas, is a multi-media production house engaged in different mediums of communication including:
⮚   Production, Direction and Cinematography of:
     o   Social issue-based documentary films                     
     o   Promotional films
     o   Corporate films
     o   Commercials/Advertisement
     o   Music videos
     o   Short fiction films
⮚   Photoshoots for commercials, development projects and publications
⮚   Web designing, graphics and animation  
⮚   Research, writing, editing, publishing, designing and layout of posters, books, newsletters and brochures.
Mystic Canvas brings together a team of professionals with varied skills, talents and experiences. It includes producers, directors, researchers, writers, musicians, editors, photographers, designers/animators and even ethnographers engaged, especially in visual anthropology.
Mystic Canvas has produced several commercials, documentaries, fiction films, music videos and photoshoots in India and abroad with International, national and local establishments in different capacities since last 20 years.
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