Music Videos

A music video is a form of video that incorporates a song with imagery visuals, and is produced for profile raising or artistic devotions. Modern music videos are primarily made and used as a promotional method intended to publicize and promote the sale of a pre-recorded song.
Music videos use a wide variety of styles and making techniques, including animation, graphics, 3D, visual effects, live action and different non-narrative methodologies. Some music videos combine many of the visual effects with the music. Combining these styles and techniques has become more accepted because of it’s variety for the viewers. Music videos aim to promote both albums and introduce new artist/s to an audience and sustain an audience focus on an existing artist. Music Video is also to promote the image of a band that is exciting and dynamic. Modern days popularity on social media and other social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook etc is the most important part of success and visibility for any artist. The reach out to more audiences through utilizing social media brings in more and more viewers and followers to the artist or band as more people are hanging around social media sites almost every day.

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